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Specializing in office

 support placement in the Cleveland area





Outstanding talent is the most valuable asset any organization can possess...


This is especially true for office support where the demand for experienced and eligible professionals is constantly increasing.

You can count on The Office Professionals (TOP) to find the right people for your job. Together our staffing team has over 50 years of office placement and recruitment experience. Our concentration is the Cleveland area, and we have developed a network capability that provides us with resources that enable us to assist clients with a higher degree of professionalism and expertise.

Our TOP performance record is the foundation of our name, and reflects our promise to you of delivering the TOP candidates in office employment, and the TOP resources for all your staffing needs.

Our agency is a full-service employment agency. In addition to filling your direct hire job orders quickly and efficiently, we can send you the finest TEMPORARY office personnel as well. Even more importantly, you can rely on us to select temporary employees in the same way we handle direct hireŚwith care, skill, and a thorough knowledge of what Cleveland employers need.


is to be recognized by our

clients and our candidates as

 the top office support

 placement and recruitment

source in the Cleveland area


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the TOP Agency in Cleveland...

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